About This Site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Danielle's Special SaladQ. How do I navigate this site?
A. All recipes are organized into categories on the top menu. For example, if you want to view all entrees regardless of type, click on the parent category, Entrees. If you want to only view Salmon recipes, click on Entrees<Fish<Salmon. Note that when you click on Entrees, recipes will appear in the order I posted them, not according to content. That’s why my recipes are broken down into as many smaller categories as possible.

Q. Why are some recipes under more than one category?
A. Many recipes are in more than one category. For example, Spaghetti and Meatballs is filed under Entrees<Meat<Beef and Entrees<Pasta<Spaghetti. I did this to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

Q. Why do some categories have no recipes?
This is a part-time project and I am still working on adding recipes to the site. Eventually, every category will have recipes, but since I am doing this on my own it will take me a while. Thank you for your patience!

Q. How can I print a single recipe without viewing all of the other recipes in that category?
Simply click on the name of the recipe you want to print. That will take you to the “permanent link” for that recipe.

Q. What will the finished site look like?
Ideally, the finished site will allow users to search for recipes that contain certain ingredients (i.e. eggplant) and will include a feature where you can search by cuisine (i.e. Italian). I also want to enable people to submit comments and rate individual recipes. In addition, you will be able to view and print the PDF version of each recipe. (I currently have a PDF of each recipe on my computer, but have not had the time to upload them). Once I am caught up with adding recipes, I hope to start a blog where I will offer cooking advice and “chef’s tips” as time allows. These posts will be filed under a separate category on the top menu.

Q. Why are some recipes missing photos or important information?
A. This site is a work in progress and I am posting photos as I have time. For certain recipes, I still need to get cooking instructions. Please be patient. Eventually, everything will be completed!

Q. What cuisines do you feature?
A.  Most of the recipes on this site fall in the category of “American cuisine” with a special emphasis on Southern food since that is part of my heritage. I also love making Italian and Mediterranean food. I don’t like anything spicy and have a lot of food allergies, so you won’t find many ethnic recipes here.

Q. Where do your recipes come from?
A. The recipes on this site come from the following sources:

  • The Ince Family Cookbook (1993), by Jean Gregory Ince, my maternal grandmother (written for her five children)
  • No Matter What, Just Keep On Cooking! (2006), by Gail Story Zitzman, my paternal aunt (written for her three children)
  • Other cookbooks I keep on my shelves
  • Recipes I have enjoyed from other sites such as: and
  • Other relatives and friends
  • Me!

Q. Where do your photos come from?
A. All of the photos on this website are of recipes I have made on my own. In other words, I took the pictures! In cases where I borrowed a recipe from another site, I only used a photo of my own rendition of the recipe.

Q. Have you tried all of the recipes on this site?
A. Yes. I only post recipes that I have tasted for myself. Otherwise, I would not feel comfortable recommending them to others.

Q. May I submit a recipe?
A. Yes. Please do! I am always looking for new recipes so the site can continue to grow. Please see the Submit a Recipe page for instructions.

Q. May I share your recipes and photos on my website?

A. You may share my recipes and photos, but only if you give full credit to, just as I have done with recipes I have borrowed from other sites. All content here is copyrighted. Please contact me in advance if you want to share my recipes. It’s the respectful thing to do!


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